Friday, 5 June 2009

Big Brother 10

So, it's back on then!

The show I just love to hate, and the Big Brother house is set to bug me for another 16 weeks - arrrgghhh!!!

Anyone else out there share my hate for this programme?

I just cannot understand how people like this programme, and tune in just to see people arguing about trivial subjects!!!!

Maybe BB fans out there can let me know what they find so fascinating about the programme that they continue to watch it?

Are there any people out there who share the same hatred for Big Brother?

It just always seems to be full of freaks to me, and just a waste of television hours!!

As always, I was forced to sit and watch the first programme to see if it was any better than last year, but with the characters like Angel, Beinazir, Cairon, Charlie, Freddie, Karly, Kris, Lisa, Marcus, Noirin, Rodrigo, Saffia, Siavash, Sophia, and Sree, well i think it's unlikely that I'll be tuning in each night to see their progress!!!

The best thing about BB is that when it's ended, the football season is underway once again!!!